Eating Healthily During the Holidays

Eating Healthily During the Holidays

The holidays are here along with the anticipation and excitement the season brings. For many of us, this also means get-togethers and lots of indulging in rich foods and drink.Without a plan to try and eat as healthy as you can, the calorie overload will lead to sluggishness and weight gain.

So how can you eat healthily? Here are two important points to keep in mind:
  1. Remember portion size, and if you don’t want to measure, try switching to smaller plates to control the amount of food you load onto your plate;
  2. Focus on what’s on your plate. Add extra veggies to make your meals more nutritious. If you are choosing high-calorie foods that are important to you, then be choosy. You don’t have to sample everything!
The American Institute for Cancer Research has provided these valuable tips and strategies as part of their Pocket Guide to Holiday Portions that, when combined, will help you be successful:
  • Switch to smaller plates
  • Enjoy treats from small bowls or plates
  • Eat pre-portioned food
  • Put take out food onto a plate
  • Avoid eating out of containers
  • Add extra veggies to all your sides

For more information about how eating healthy is tied to cancer prevention, visit the Work Stride Screening and Prevention section.

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