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The Cancer Workplace Landscape

A cancer diagnosis turns an individual’s world upside down. Work Stride provides employees and their managers with the tools, the information and the support they each need to understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the cancer journey.

Employees who could work during treatment often don’t — even though it might be their preference

Continuing to work during treatment helps maintain a normal routine and a positive attitude. It also may be a financial necessity. Work Stride provides information and support to help employees understand their workplace options.

Supervisors and managers are often lost in terms of knowing how to react to the needs of employees facing cancer

Managers need to balance their employees’ needs with their company’s expectations. That’s why it’s vital that a manager has the right words, knows the right policies and offers the right flexibility to best support their employee who is in treatment or caring for a loved one.

As average retirement age increases, so will the number of working cancer survivors

The good news is that the vast majority of people newly diagnosed with cancer are going to be long-term survivors. And individuals are going to learn that, for the most part, their cancer will be an inconvenience, not a derailment.

Caregivers of cancer patients may see their work impacted just as profoundly as the cancer patients themselves

Having a supervisor’s support and the right HR information greatly enhances an employee’s ability to successfully balance their care for a loved one with their workplace responsibilities.

Video Testimonials

A survivor talks about the support she received from her employer through Work Stride.
Two employees reflect on the support and obstacles they encountered while working during cancer treatment.
A survivor discusses the impact of Work Stride during her treatment.

Find out how your organization can benefit
from Work Stride.