New Breast Health App Improves Breast Cancer Awareness

New Breast Health App Improves Breast Cancer Awareness


Early detection: that’s the first important step for women in their fight against breast cancer. And now there’s an app that helps with that.

Know Your Lemons is a mobile app that makes breast health both fun and engaging. Features include:

  • Education about the symptoms of breast cancer and the difference between healthy and unhealthy breast lumps
  • Coaches, such as the famous Mona Lisa painting, offer humorous and entertaining video and audio guides that instruct women on what to feel for in a breast self-exam and demystifies screening techniques
  • A scheduling tool allows women—for the first time—to schedule a mammogram or a screening appointment at their local FDA-certified screening centers (And it sends a reminder!)
  • Questions that women can ask their clinicians at screening appointments as well as advice on what to wear (or not wear) and how to prepare for different breast tests

You can download the Know Your Lemons app on iTunes and Google Play.