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Age-Related Changes in Fibroblast Cells Promote Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Spread

Older people may be at greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer and have poorer prognoses because of age-related […]

Amount Of Repetitive DNA In Blood Hints at Cancer Early

People with cancer have different amounts of a type of repetitive DNA — called Alu elements — than […]

Podcast: Colorectal Cancer

Listen to this insightful podcast as Work Stride co-founder Lillie Shockney, M.A.S, and Ada Graham, M.D. discuss colorectal […]

Why age matters when it comes to cancer

A person’s age has long been known to be one of the greatest risk factors for developing cancer. […]

Liquid Biopsy Predicts Response in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer

Johns Hopkins researchers are pioneering the use of a “liquid biopsy” to predict which patients with advanced lung […]

Experimental Drug Combination Shows Promise Against Hard-to-Treat Tumors

Combining a pair of experimental drugs may help treat malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors with fewer harmful side […]

What are the risk factors for Pancreatic Cancer?

Certain factors may increase your chances of developing pancreatic cancer. Risk factors that have been scientifically proven to […]

New Lung Tumor Scoring System

A new pathologic scoring system — that accurately assesses how much lung tumor is left after a patient […]

Prostate Cancer: Advancements in Screenings

Did you know? There are several options when it comes to prostate cancer screening. After considering multiple factors, […]

5 Healthy Habits That Help You During Lung Cancer Treatment

If you’re fighting cancer, a healthy lifestyle can help you stay well during and after treatment. Research suggests […]

Six Mammogram Myths

Think it’s not a big deal skipping your annual mammogram this year? Or are you concerned that a […]

Active Care Model Predicts Disease Course for Prostate Cancers

For many men, prostate cancers are extremely slow-growing — patients often can be monitored periodically through blood tests, […]

20-year study shows that lung cancer screening boosts survival rates

Lung cancer is the primary cause of cancer death in the U.S.  And although treatments for advanced lung […]

The Surprising Health Bonus of Caregiving

With demands on time, energy, emotions and relationships, caregiving isn’t easy. So you might think it would take […]

Podcast: Breast Imaging

When should you get a mammogram? Why is it important to have your previous mammograms available? Learn all […]