Nurse Navigator, superhero!

Nurse Navigator, superhero!

Remember, your Johns Hopkins oncology nurse navigator can answer your questions about screenings and early detection, prevention, and managing known cancer risk factors. Here’s how Work Stride helped one employee:

“Like most women, an annual mammogram is just something we do but do not really expect to get “bad news”.  Thus, when you’re told that you need a biopsy, the stress begins. Unlike many other patients, I was fortunate enough to work for an employer that made the Johns Hopkins Work Stride program available to me.

“I’m a fiercely independent person so I started utilizing the program by accessing their website.  To begin, I found information on how to choose the right physician and step-by-step descriptions of the biopsy and associated pathology that would be done. When I was given the diagnosis of stage 0 cancer, I was then able to understand the treatment options including access to the NCCN treatment guidelines for patients. This information enabled me to have a most productive discussion with my physician.  Because I did have treatment options, I reached out to the Work Stride oncology nurse to discuss my options.

“Following my surgery, the nurse [navigator] was awesome in reviewing the associated risk reduction therapy that my surgeon recommended.  This was very important because, unfortunately, the three physicians I talked to had different opinions on my risk reduction treatment.  The Work Stride nurse [navigator] was able to get me comfortable with the options and the final decision I made.

“As unlucky as it is to develop breast cancer, I was very lucky that it was stage 0, and most importantly that I had the help and support of Work Stride.  Thanks for your expertise in getting me though this difficult time!”

Contact your Work Stride oncology nurse navigator at 844.446.6229 or