Managing Anxiety During Cancer Treatment

Managing Anxiety During Cancer Treatment

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it’s likely you’ll feel a range of emotions—anxiety, fear, worry, anger, loneliness, distress.  Often diagnosis will be quickly followed by the need to schedule medical appointments and tests and then treatment. This can all happen very quickly and be overwhelming, not allowing you to stop and process—or even be aware of—your  feelings. The stress and anxiety that results can range from mild uneasiness to depression to overwhelming panic, which can complicate treatment and adversely affect your daily life and relationships.

The first step to managing these emotions is to acknowledge how you feel and then get the support you need from available resources like your company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a stress management program or your health care providers.

You also can help yourself by doing things that help you relax: meditation, walking, coloring, simple breathing techniques, listening to music or enjoying a hobby.

Check out the tips in the “Managing and Reducing Stress” infographic and the Coping section of your Work Stride website for more comprehensive information.  You can also reach out to your oncology nurse navigator, at 844-446-6229 or by email, at

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