The Importance of Sleep During Cancer Treatment and for Prevention

The Importance of Sleep During Cancer Treatment and for Prevention

Treatment for cancer typically involves surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of all three.  We often hear about the importance of exercise, nutrition and stress reduction for cancer treatment and prevention, but many times the importance of sleep is overlooked.  We know that during sleep the body increases the supply of blood to our muscles, performs tissue growth and repair, restores energy and releases hormones. ( This repair work is vital when undergoing cancer treatment. Not only will people feel rested, but the body will also have the opportunity to do the healing work it was designed to do during sleep.

Since many people have difficulty sleeping during cancer treatment, learning how to relax and prepare for sleep can help the process. You can find more information about the connection between sleep and cancer here: And to learn more about tools to help promote relaxation before sleep go to the Coping section of the Work Stride website.

If you have questions about ways to improve your sleep, reach out to your Work Stride oncology nurse navigator, at 844-446-6229 or by email, at

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