The Importance of Screening and Prevention

The Importance of Screening and Prevention

Unfortunately, cancer does not stop occurring during a pandemic. That’s why you are encouraged to continue your cancer screenings for breast, cervical, colon, lung, prostate, and skin cancer.  If you are concerned about getting your cancer screenings during the pandemic, contact your screening facility to find out the practices and protocols they are following to help keep patients and providers safe.

To determine which screenings are available to you, click the Screening Tool.  Once you complete the individualized questionnaire, print out the results or have the results sent to your email, and then discuss them with your workplace oncology nurse navigator or your primary care provider.  Also, to learn more about your risk factors for developing cancer, look at the Risk Factor Chart.

Cancer Screen Week is December 7-11, 2020.  During Cancer Screen Week, we encourage you to understand the benefits of early cancer screening.  For more information, please visit

Your workplace oncology nurse navigators can answer any questions you may have regarding screening and prevention. Contact them at 844-446-6229, or

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