The Value of Your Nurse Navigator

The Value of Your Nurse Navigator

Your Work Stride oncology nurse navigators are always available to guide and support employees and managers wherever they are in their cancer journey. Here’s why one hospital nurse is so grateful for hers:

“The Cancer at Work Nurse Navigators have been extraordinarily helpful in and supportive of my experience as a nurse employee, working and receiving care at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

I first met Rose by phone when she called me at home. She spent a gracious amount of time getting to know me, my needs and my worries. She educated me about my illness in an accessible, informative and holistic manner that allowed me to put my priorities and health concerns in a perspective that, until then, I had not been able to do very well.

Later I attended the monthly support group. Here, I was able to meet and hear the stories of other employees working with a cancer. I began to see that I had options on how to move ahead with getting what I would need in order to return to work without putting my health at risk.

It was this level of connection and attention that made me feel empowered to clearly state what I needed from my work environment moving forward. I knew I could not return to work full time and was able to ask for and receive a 4-hour work day accommodation–endorsed by my doctor and approved by my department–until I complete my full 1-year treatment course.

This scenario would not have been attempted or come to fruition without the care, warmth and expertise the Work Stride nurse navigators whole heartedly provide.”


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