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Work Stride

An oncology support and navigation program for your entire workforce.



Support Your Employees

Learn about Work Stride and how it can benefit your employees (and their loved ones) throughout the entire cancer journey.


Support Your Managers

Discover Work Stride’s unique approach: helping managers support an employee with cancer or caregiving for a loved one.


The Work Stride Difference

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We provide access to Nurse Navigators throughout the entire cancer journey, before and beyond the treatment stage.
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Our two-way holistic approach to coaching focuses on wellness, activity, sleep and stress to improve overall quality of life.
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Our Nurse Navigators have more time to hear an employee’s whole story and protect their rights and wishes.
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We provide manager training around best practices for supporting an employee with cancer.
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We get to your employees faster than your health plan’s care manager.

Video Testimonials

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Two employees reflect on the support and obstacles they encountered while working during cancer treatment.
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Senior H.R. Manager talks about the need Work Stride fills in her organization.

News & Views

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Variations in three genes related to maintaining the length of telomeres — protective DNA caps on chromosomes — […]


Find out how your organization can benefit from Work Stride.


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Your message is very important to us, and we will reply to it within 24 hours.